Justin Spix - Your Offbeat Real Estate Writer: Chipotle Jones is on Duty


From arriving on-scene to observe a hubby chasing his scantily clad wife with a feather duster,
walking through homes that had more puppy poop than visible carpet, to great negotiating wins,
architectural wonders and amazing landscape displays; one never knows what we as Realtors
will encounter in a day’s work.

If you know me; you know I love to write. Many times, I’ve been told I should write a book!
Well, I have an agent, Justin, AKA Chipotle Jones, who is now on my team, who has an amazing
gift of writing as well. I’d call his style a little edgy, Realtor on the Fringe in many

We’ll be sharing his blog, or mine regularly – starting now. Here’s a quick story of his, and how
he earned his affection alter ego, Chipotle Jones while learning how to navigate our CRM’s
dialer as a new agent. He’ll also let you know why final walk throughs are something you always
insist your agent includes in your transaction. Enjoy your first blog by Justin! And FYI – after 9
months on the team – I can tell you that Justin is now the #1 caller on the team. 

- Monique Gilbert

Chipotle Jones is on Duty!

So, good news! I joined a new team!

As part of this team, it's part of my responsibilities to make cold calls looking for business. As an
Elder Millennial (35), I am loath to do cold calls... or call people in general. When my phone
rings, my first instinct is to smash it... It's 2023, text me! 

BUT! It's a new team, and I'm here to learn how to be a better agent. If this is how you do it, then
we're pushing through the nausea and gurgle-guts (Figuratively speaking... don't make a mess). I
sat down at my computer, looked at the call list, and started to panic. I put on a nonsense
morning show podcast to distract myself while I got everything ready. Headphones are on, the
first Bang can is empty, we're almost ready to go. Just gotta turn off the podcast and take a
deep... what's that sound?

The auto-dialer synced up to my phone, and made the first call. To my horror, I didn't catch it in
time. As quickly as I could I went to hang up, but it was too late. The podcast was clearly audible
over my phone speaker, and the message I left was:

And that's how I would cope if my name was Chipotle Jones... (Or something to that effect).
I was completely mortified! I mean, Chipotle is just trying to do his realtor job, right? Oh well, at
least there's nowhere to go but up, right? I had a closing that day, so it can't go much more

Well, that might not be the case.

If you're not a realtor, there's a concept called a "Final Walkthrough" This is the opportunity for
the buyer to make sure the house has been cleaned out according to the contract. It's in every
contract I write, and after one particularly dicey closing, I insist on it.

I let the other agent know we'd be swinging by an hour before closing (Pretty typical up here.)
He informed me that I could not do a final walkthrough because he'd already removed the
lockbox... This is a huge red flag. If my buyer can't do a final walkthrough, I will absolutely
delay closing. The lockbox stays on the property until the the final walkthrough.
Instead of arguing with him, I went and got the key. We went to the property to discover that not
everything has been cleared out of the house. That's another red flag. Something's not right. I
called the seller's agent, and he said "Yeah, we left those as gifts" My eyes almost popped out of
my head...

Now, I've sold houses that were fully furnished, and I've sold houses that were empty. This was a
weird middle ground. It felt like you were at the last 15 minutes of a garage sale, and the dude
running it didn't want to clean up what other people didn't want. I told the agent we weren't
interested in the seller’s leftovers, and her seller wasn't interested in coming and collecting her
things. He informed me that there was nothing in the contract that said it needed to be empty....
Here's the thing: Paragraph 9, line 1... All personal items have been removed...

I said we need to get this resolved, the agent said his seller was unwilling to do any more work or
reduce the price. I said we're going to have to delay closing, but he said if we did, the deal would
collapse. Well, that wasn’t going to happen. One way or the other – we’d have to come to some
resolution. A seller can’t just not perform something they agreed to. I informed the agent that if
that's what's in my buyer’s best interest, then I'll let the deal die. But let’s see what we can work
out. It's not my job to get paid. It's not my job to close deals... It's my job to represent my client’s
best interests...

That was one of the more intense closings I've been to. Before we went in I informed my buyer
of everything that had transpired. I told him if he wanted to walk, I would back him 100%. In the
end my buyer decided just to deal with the garbage and leftovers for a last minute concession.

Chipotle Jones wouldn't have left a house have full of leftovers...
Chipotle Jones wouldn't have taken the lockbox off prematurely...
Chipotle Jones reads the contracts he is handed thoroughly, and goes over them with his clients...  

The realtor you chose to work will mean the difference between a smooth transaction, and a
rocky one. It's not just how they work with you, it's how they work with everyone. I'm not saying
I'm perfect. Goodness knows I make mistakes. But I also pride myself on my work ethic,
between myself and my clients, and with other realtors... even if sometimes I screw up the

Please guys... read the contracts.

Justin "Chip" Spix
(Yeah, told the team... the nickname stuck)

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